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  Welcome to tucordillerablanca Adventure Company                        

We invited you to visit and enjoy the beauty nature about huge snowcapped peaks, incomparable pristine lakes in the Peruvian Andes, besides in the cordillera blanca is lies the highest tropical summit in the world, which is mount Huascaran south peak at 6768m, even in this area is located the most beautiful mountain in the world, which is mount alpamayo, and several snowcapped peaks, which are cover by immense field of glacier and snow accumulation, and beautiful colorful glacier lakes, neighbor to cordillera blanca is lies another mountain range, which is the cordillera huayhaush with impressive huge and sharp snowcapped peaks, at the highlighted summit of siula grande, where filmed the mountain film called touching the void, by Joe Simpson, nowadays this compact range is considered as the second most beautiful commercial led lighting trekking routes in the world, beside in that area are located several summits , which offer considerable difficult to climbing  such as: mount yerupaka at 6634m, mount jirishanca at 6094m, etc.
In those couple ranges there are several alternative trekking routes and climbing routes with easy to hard difficult according the preference or necessity of every costumer, currently tucordillerablanca staff are training year a year, to be trained for some incident or accident, that could happen in the mountain, and even nowadays tucordillerablanca director had been trained and got more knowledge in security and rescue system according the trendy technology.
We are a young company, but we have a qualified and experienced staff, whose are training year a year in mountain security and rescue, to work in adventure travel and treks.
Our staff has more than 10 years’ experience working in the mountain; we work with qualified guides, who are member of mountain guide association of Peru and union of international mountain guide association (AGMP/UIAGM) and with mountain guide aspirants, who are students from high mountain center school (CEAM), we provide good quality equipment for our expeditions.
We guarantee the security of our clients, with our experienced and qualified guides, the director of this adventure company attended to several times in first aid courses, which was organized by Ecomed  foundation WFR WILDERNESS FIRST RESPONDER. That course is appropriated to develop jobs in the abrupt sites of cordillera Blanca and huayhuah.
The aim of tucordillerablanca Adventure Company is offer to every client a quality service


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